R&D Chitosan-based Technologies



Chitin & Chitosan

At CrustaTec we have been working in the production and optimization of the chitosan polymer from the Guatemalan's shrimp shells waste

Chitosan-based recirculating wastewater filter


Based on the chitosan polymer, we developed a recirculation filter as an easy and affordable method to treat the dye polluted water. That is specially designed to be used by small textile producers and rural artisans. 


During the prototyping process, we evaluated characteristics such as particle size, flow velocity, contact surface, stirring rate, adsorption adjuvants, polymer dosage and pH.

We also worked together with rural textile artisans with the purpose of developing the idea with the appropriate technology



The filter works by re-circulating the wastewater and retaining dye molecules every time the water runs across.

Chitosan-based membranes for wound healing


Recently, to tackle the problem of domestic wastewater treatment, CrustaTec developed a natural conditioner (also from shrimp shells waste!!) that makes the flocculation process efficient.